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Dazzle, Dance & Draw

Dazzle, Dance & Draw
Join us for an evening inspired by 1914! Drink a wartime cocktail; learn to dance the Turkey Trot and the Grizzly Bear; watch dance performances from Hot Jazz Rag; meet comics artists Woodrow Phoenix and Zoom Rockman who will talk about their new commissions for 1914 Day by Day Cartoons; design and draw your own wartime postcard and other activities with cartoonist Steve Marchant and Zoom Rockman.

How dance went mad

Just before World War 1 broke out, America went "dance mad". An estimated hundred new dances appeared. The waltz and polka gave way to the Turkey Trot & the Grizzly Bear. Controversy raged. Then, in 1914, an unflappable Englishman and his witty American wife, provided the solution in a dance that not only pleased both sides but formed the basis for later innovations in jazz and swing. For now, syncopated rhythms and suggestive lyrics became utterly acceptable when one was dancing Irene & Vernon Castle's "Fox Trot".
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