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Trish Hunter Finds

Trish Hunter Finds
Hi hi! My name’s Trish!

I’m a 28 year young Lady living the vintage life in Melbourne, Australia.

My personal Melbourne based vintage blog and shop is Trish Hunter Finds, for which I have been posting and selling from since 2008.

That is where I post regularly about my passion for all things vintage.

My blog is a lifestyle blog with a vintage twist.
It features a great mix of vintage fashion/outfit posts, and also interesting treasures and pieces from our past that you may have never seen before!
Anything from antiques, to quirky oddities that hold great stories, treasures I find, things around my home, the weird and the wonderful and a lot more!

Not only that, but it includes what I’m up to, what events I’m attending, what food I’m eating, what I'm selling and everything that happens in my vintage life.

I love living and blogging about my vintage lifestyle and try to incorporate it into as many parts of my life as I can. Why? Because vintage is happy, unique, interesting, quality, stylish, affordable, and makes you feel absolutely amazing to own and/or wear it.

I love to learn, teach and inspire which is why I surround myself in vintage and blogging. Vintage is a never ending subject to learn from. I will, and can never learn it all, so my mind is always working, hungry and forever, happily unsatisfied.

I personally collect many things. A few of my favorites include vintage mannequins, vintage clothing, Australian pottery by the company Ellis & McLaren, 1950′s Pixie figures, vintage hats, Cateye glasses, vintage Interior & glamour books, and probably much much more.
It’s an addiction and I love it!