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denisebrain vintage clothing, based in Spokane, WA, USA

1. I don't care your size, age or any other specifics, I think you can look wonderful in vintage. I am happy to help you find your look.

2. I sell as if I were selling to me. I treat customers with the integrity and kindness with which I want to be treated. I write and photograph items thinking about what a person must feel when they consider items to buy from me. You are intelligent, beautiful people, and you deserve my best.

3. I admit mistakes and will not put up defenses if I make an error.

4. I have an eye for certain vintage items that tend to get overlooked, and offer not just items with designer labels, but items which are great examples of their kind from workday dresses to ball gowns. I love interesting cutting and draping in clothing construction, and I look for good quality fabrics and interesting details.

A little more detail: I am dedicated to providing my customers the best vintage clothing I can, honestly and conscientiously described. I am happy to ship anywhere in the world. I post items within 48 hours of being paid and I don't charge anything more than what it costs to ship (I pay for packaging materials and Delivery Confirmation). I stay in touch via email every step of the way.