Can I add my company / blog / event to the directory?

This directory is a hub for all things vintage and retro. You can be anything from an antiques dealer, to a vintage clothing store, a burlesque artist, retro singer, vintage event manager, magazine, blogger or a store than loans out pretty vintage crockery. AS LONG AS IT’S VINTAGE*, ANTIQUE** OR REPRO***.

* Older than 1990s
** Over 100 years old
*** New things in a vintage style

Note: If you are a cheap wholesale fashion manufacturer from (for example) India or China you are NOT a vintage business. Please don’t keep submitting entries if you are this type of company. I get inundated with submissions and they simply won’t be approved. These listings are just wasting both of our time. Thank you!

What IS Vintage?

Vintage is, very simply put, old stuff. Whether it’s 1970s clothing, 1950s toys or rare antiques.  We also love retro companies who sell vintage styles, create vintage events and generally celebrate everything pre 1990s.

How long does it take for my listing to be approved?

Every listing is checked and manually approved by a real person, so sometimes this can take a couple of days if things are busy. Please be patient, we will get to you and be in touch as soon as your listing is approved, or if we have any questions. To make sure you get this notification please ensure vintagedirectory (at) hotmail.co.uk is added to your safe emails list so we don’t end up in your junk folder by mistake!

Why isn’t my store in your directory?

Have you added your listing? Unlike a lot of web directories, we don’t go around adding companies, all the submissions we list have been added by the companies themselves. So if you haven’t submitted your listing, it won’t be here. If you HAVE submitted your listing and it’s still not showing then it may just not be approved yet. If your listing still isn’t showing after a week then it’s likely your listing has not been approved. Please check the kinds of submissions we accept (top of this page) and get in touch if you think there has been a mistake.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Submitting your company or event to the Vintage Directory is free.  If you would like your listing to stand out more you can upgrade to a Featured Listing which costs $15 per category per year.

What is a Featured Listing?

A Featured Listing is a paid listing and helps you and your site to really stand out.

There are four main differences from a regular FREE listing:

  • All Featured Listings are moved to the top of the listings page within each category you’re listed under.
  • You can add a photo to your listings entry and also add photos to showcase your store on your site’s directory page.
  • Your listing is highlighted, both in the sidebar on the directory homepage and on each listings page.
  • You can also submit articles to be featured on the directory. Here are some great examples of articles written by vintage stores and vintage experts sharing their expertise.

Find out more about Featured Listings and see some examples here.

How do I make changes?

If you need to remove or change your listing you can log in and do it yourself. There are instructions here, and if you have any problems I’m here to help, just give me a shout!