How to Edit your Listing on the We Heart Vintage Directory

*I haven’t had a chance to update the screenshots for this tutorial yet. The process is the same, it just looks slightly different. Give it a try – if you get stuck get in touch and I’ll help out!*

Great news, you can now edit your own listing on the We Heart Vintage Directory! Plus, I have announced the winner of the ad and premium listing giveaway here. Did you win?

Please see below for detailed instructions showing you how to edit and manage your own listing:

Step 1: First you need to login:

To do that go here (to the ‘Add Your Site’ link) and enter your username and password.


Don’t worry if you can’t remember your login details. Just click on the ‘Lost your password?’ link and it will take you to this screen. Simply enter the email address you used when you originally submitted your listing and your password will be emailed to you:

Forgotten password

Once you have your username and password go back to the login screen and log into your account.

Step 2: Find Your Listing

Once you are logged in browse or search the site until your find your listing. Now that you are logged in you should be some buttons on your listing page: ‘edit’ ‘upgrade listing’ and ‘delete’. If your Premium Listing has expired you may also see a ‘renew’ option.


Step 3: Editing Your Listing

To edit your listing click on the ‘Edit’ button and it will take you to a page like this one which shows you your current listing information and allows you to change it:

Edit your listing information

When you have finished changing the information on your listing click ‘Continue’.  If you have a Premium Listing you will now be able to edit the photos attached to your listing:

If you have no images you will be able to upload them:images

and if you do  you will be able to change them:


Don’t forget: the listing thumbnail is the picture which shows on the search and category pages and should be a square image measuring 250px x 250px.

Once you are happy with your photos then just click ‘Continue’ and your changes will be submitted.

Changing Categories

It isn’t currently possible to edit the categories you are listed in, but I would be happy to do this for you. Please drop me a line, or click on the ‘Live Chat’ option (on the left) and I’ll sort that out for you.

How To Upgrade Your Listing

If you would like to upgrade from a free listing to a Premium Listing you can do this by selecting the ‘Upgrade Listing’ button on the homepage of your listing.

The cost of upgrading is $35 per year.  Again, if you have any questions please drop me a line, or click on the ‘Live Chat’ option (on the left) and I’ll sort that out for you.

Once you have clicked on ‘Upgrade Listing’ you will see this screen:


Click on ‘Upgrade listing to Featured Listing for $35’, and you will see this screen:


Select ‘PayPal’ as your payment method.  You don’t have to have a PayPal account to pay, you can also pay via credit or debit card via this option. Then click ‘Buy Now’ (below):


You will then be taken over to the PayPal website where you can buy safely and securely either via your PayPal account or by using a debit or credit card.


Once your payment has gone through you will be able to login to your account and add the photos to your listing. Don’t forget please drop me a line, or click on the ‘Live Chat’ option (on the left) if you have any questions or experience any problems and I’ll sort it out for you!