If you’re on this page then you’re considering advertising on the We Heart Vintage Directory, so thank you! I think this could work well for both of us!

The We Heart Vintage Directory is the highest ranking global directory dedicated to helping people vintage events, stores and services. It only launched in 2014 and it’s already topping Google’s search rankings and getting over 2,000 visitors each month. I’m sure you’ve already added your store, blog or event so what benefits to you gain by advertising?

There are 3 different kinds of advertising:

A Featured Directory Listing: If you’re a store, blogger or offer a vintage service you can upgrade your standard listing to a Featured Directory listing which gives you lots more exposure. Read more and see examples here.

Large Sidebar Ad: This is banner ad which is shown in the sidebar on the right side of the site. It is the largest advert currently available and your ad will show on every page on the site, rotating in position with the other ads of this size. Ad measures 300 x 250px.

SmalSidebar Ad: The ‘classic’ ad which we’ve always offered. This measures 150px wide x 150px high. It is shown on every page below the Large Sidebar Ads, and each ad will rotate in position with the other ads this size.

vintage ad sale2

From 10th March- 9th April 2015 we are having an ad sale, where we are offering 1/3 of all adverts and Featured Listings. Just use code VINDIR30 at the checkout!

Oh! I nearly forgot! If you’d like me to design an ad banner for you I’d be happy to help, just get in touch and let me know once you’ve ordered your ad below: